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Christians Aren't the Only Bad Drivers

Road:                        395 Freeway Northbound, 1/4 mile north of Pearsonville Exit 
Location:                  Pearsonville, CA

Date of Accident:   

Inscription:              Ned in wooden letters embedded in concrete

Age:                                 ?

Description:            A wooden Jewish Star of David graces the side of this lonely desert road.  It is quite inventive:  a concrete pad has been poured, and the delicately hammer star is securely planted.   Large wood letters spell out the victim's name:  Ned.  The obligatory fake flowers are attached to the cross, along with a whistle. 

Analysis:                 Of all the road memorials I've seen, this one is truly unique:  It is the ONLY Star of David tribute I've found!!  Either Jews are a hell of a lot better drivers than Christians, or they just don't bother to set up highway monuments.  Whatever the case, old Ned met his Waterloo in this two bit desert pitstop.  About a 1/4 mile south of Ned's Star, there is a crossroad to a gas station/Burger King.  My instincts tell me that Ned was heading south towards L.A., when he got a hankerin' for a Whopper.  When he turned onto the crossroad, he forgot to stop and look at the Northbound lane.  He was slammed into by an oncoming car.  The crumpled remains of his car rolled quite a ways and finally came to rest  on the future site of the Star of David.  I may be way off base with this one, but one thing is for sure:  Ned is dead, baby.  Ned is dead...   

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