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Gambled and Lost

Road:                        I-15 Southbound, 5 miles south of Cima, CA  
Location:                  Cima, CA

      Francisco B Ramires
Date of Accident:   

Inscription:              “Francisco B Ramires         P 4-13-74         + 8-20-01”

Age:                                 27

Description:            This large white wrought-iron cross serves as a warning top those traveling down I15 after a night of debauchery in Vegas.  The cross has plaques in the middle with the victim's birth date and death date.  Fake blue flowers lay at its base.  The decorative pieces on the cross add a touch of class to this road monument. 

Analysis:                 It's never as fun leaving Vegas as it is driving there.  That was especially true for Francisco Ramires.  I suspect he and his buddies decided to go to Vegas one weekend.  After a night of partying, they probably drove back in the morning so Francisco could make his shift at Rite Aid.  As he drove home, the booze and the exhaustion lulled him to sleep.  The car ran off the road and crashed into the embankment, killing Francisco and crippling his friends.

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