Liquor is Quicker

                        Corner of Main St. and Montana Rd., Next to the 40 Fwy

Location:                  Barstow, California

Date of Accident:   

Inscription:              “Nov 16 1998”

Age:                                 ?

Description:            A large, well preserved white cross sits across from a local Barstow liquor store.  The cross is embedded into a concrete block.  Large fake flowers and a tattered wind fan toy decorate the cross.

Analysis:                 This White Cross offers a neat answer to the mystery of the accidentThe convenient liquor store across the street provides all the answers.  Our mystery victim, drunk off his ass, went for more booze at his favorite liquor store.  After scoring another 5th of whiskey, he zooms out of the parking lot and into another vehicle.  He is hit on the driver's side and turned into human pâté.  

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