Gone Daddy Gone

Road:                        Hwy 395 Northbound, 4 miles south of Big Pine
Location:                 Big Pine, CA


Age:                                  ?


Date of Accident:    ?/5/1998


Inscription:              "Dad       5  98" spelled out in large wood letters

Description:            This large natural wood cross is tied at the center with rope and uses wooden letters to spell out the victim's info.  Standing vigil on this open highway since 1998, this tribute is heavily weathered and falling apart.  

Analysis:                 Here we find another of disturbing cross on Die-way 395.  "Dad" says the humble monument,  a familiy's simple tribute to their fallen father.    This is another perplexing accident without an obvious explanation:  The road is straight and easy to drive.  Possible causes could have been sleep or drunk driving.  Or maybe during a heavy rainstorm, Dad hydroplaned and ran the car into a ditch.  As eventually happens with all white crosses, the family has stopped maintaining this cross...

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