Very Well Loved

                        State Highway 164, 2 miles west of Searchlight, eastbound side.
Location:                  Searchlight, Nevada

      Dyan Westmoreland
Date of Accident:   
May 29, 1999

Inscription:              Too many to mention them all!!  Dyan Westmoreland    1957  1999  "Dyan, See you when I get there, Sam"  "We all love and miss yu"  "I'll love you forever, Phil"  " Love you, Rox"  "Best friends 4ever"

Age:                                 42

Description:            This is a truly unique white cross.  Not only is it lovingly decorated with lots of paintings and messages, but the actual facts of the accident have been discovered.  From the road, you can see a medium sized white cross.  If you stop to explore, you find the cross is a mural of messages and paintings.  It is the most colorful cross I've seen.  Flowers, dogs, smiley faces, and even a panda bear are painted all over the cross.  A slew of very emotional messages also adorn the memorial.  Even the back side is decorated with a painted face and a message:  Best friends 4ever.  This woman was very loved.  A basketful of fake flowers and car parts lie at the base.  The carved ends of the cross are also a nice touch.

Analysis:                 There's no guessing what happened here!!  Thanks to an Internet search, I have the whole scoop on what happened to the beloved Dyan.  If you had to put it in a nutshell, how's this for a cause:  0.40% blood alcohol level!!!  I didn't think a person could live at that level, much less drive a car.  The legal limit for driving under the influence is 0.08%, so Dyan was FIVE times over the limit.  She was snockered!!  The newspapers say that witnesses saw her car drift to the side of the road onto the dirt.  Being completely hammered, she massively over-corrected and flipped the car.  The car rolled several times before coming to rest in a crumpled heap.  Dyan wasn't wearing a seatbelt, so she was thrown from the car.  She died at the scene.  Dyan was apparently a Las Vegas resident, so it's weird that she died out here (~100 miles from Vegas).  I imagine she was partying at the State Line Casinos, when she got the brilliant idea of visiting friends in Searchlight.  And it does seem like she had a LOT of friends.  Check out the messages on the cross.  It's like a subway wall covered in grafitti.  Anyway,  here are the articles from  the Las Vegas Review-Journal:


News Reports:                 Las Vegas Review-Journal Sunday, June 13, 1999:  Woman killed in crash had alcohol in system
"A woman who died in a single-car accident during the Memorial Day weekend had a very high level of alcohol in her blood, according to the Highway Patrol.  Nevada Highway Patrol trooper Scott Flabi said Dyan Westmoreland, 41, of North Las Vegas had a blood-alcohol content of 0.40 at the time of her death May 30 on state Route 164.  Flabi said Westmoreland was driving east on state Route 164, about four miles outside of Searchlight, when witnesses said her vehicle drifted off the road. Westmoreland overcorrected, causing the vehicle to flip several times.  Westmoreland was not wearing a seat belt and was thrown from the vehicle. She died at the scene."


                                                     Las Vegas Review-Journal Sunday, June 3, 1999:  Dyan's Obituary


                                                                                                Dyan Westmoreland
"Dyan Westmoreland, 41, died May 29.  She was born Nov. 28, 1957, in Dallas. A registered radiologist technologist, she was a special procedure technologist for a hospital and a 23-year resident of Las Vegas.   She is survived by her son, Justin of Las Vegas; mother, Sally Lawson of Huntington Beach, Calif.; father and stepmother, Wesley and Judith, both of Henderson; and brothers, Wesley and Chris, both of Huntington Beach.    Memorial services will be at 11 a.m. Saturday in Green Valley Presbyterian Church. Bunkers Eden Vale Mortuary handled arrangements."



Links:                 Las Vegas Review-Journal Sunday, June 13, 1999

                                    Las Vegas Review-Journal Sunday, June 3, 1999

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