A View to a Kill

Road:                        Hwy 120 Northbound, 6 miles east of Lee Vining (1 1/2 miles from Mono Lake)  
Location:                 Lee Vining, CA


Age:                                  ?


Date of Accident:    ?


Inscription:              "Eric" in reflective letters

Description:            A small cross made out of reflective road markers lies alongside this very remote road.  "Eric" is written in letter stickers across the arm.  No other info about the accident is provided.  A large pine tree tells the full story of this accident...

Analysis:                 This lonely little cross lies on the deserted  road that connects Lee Vining and a pisshole called Benton Springs.   The two lane road is a shortcut from US Highway 6 to Hwy 395, but on one occasion, it was a shortcut to Hell.  Poor Eric was probably driving towards Lee Vining on a cold winters day when he hit a patch of black ice and slide off the road into a huge pine tree.  The damage to the tree is obvious:  a huge section of bark is missing at the point of impact.  The choice of building material for the cross may indicate that the victim worked for CalTrans (California's road maintenance group).  Incidentally, the view from the crash site is quite beautiful, with Mono Lake looming majestically in the background.  Not a bad place to die...

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