None Shall Pass

Update 3/8/08:  Genesis' friend CS provides more details about the accident.  Turns out Genesis was a passenger, not the driver (See his e-mail below).

Update 8/23/07:  Solved by Val the Nerdy Net Sleuth

Update 9/9/03:        As happens with so many white crosses, the elements have taken their toll.  Genesis' monument has been reduced to a battered stick of wood lying at the foot of boulder.  The cross arm has fallen off, and the paint has been blown away.  To the untrained eye, it now just looks like a piece of garbage.  But we know the truth ...


Update 8/16/07:        Nothing at all remains of this monument ... except these photos.

Road:                        Interstate 5 Fwy Northbound, Tejon Pass (AKA the Grapevine)
Location:                  Tejon, California

     Genesis Enciso Dycoco

Date of Accident:    5/20/01

Inscription:              "R.I.P.        Genesis Dycoco”

Date of Birth:              9/7/76

Age:                                 24

From:                              Carson, CA

Description:            This large white cross greets visitors traveling to L.A. from Central California.  A crucifix is attached to the center of the cross, and dead flowers surround the monument.  A white flower basket stands lonely vigil.  The large boulder seems largely undamaged from the accident (Let that be a warning, kind visitor:  Boulders always win!).

Analysis:                 This one could have easily been titled "Boulder of Death", because it pretty easy to see how Genesis was uncreated.  Thanks to Val the Nerdy Net Sleuth, we now know the full story:


According to Val:         

"Here's more on the Dycoco case, the one with the friggin' huge boulder: 

This one isn't so much of a case. Basically the records state that Genesis simply lost control of his vehicle at approximately 8:50 am on the morning of May 20, 2001. No other vehicles were involved. This one is pretty straight forward, he simply was driving along at a speed of 65 mph and lost control and hit the "Rock o' Doom". Oh, and just to let you know, no hydroplaning was involved in his demise either.  Road conditions were dry at the time, and the weather was perfect.  No high winds were a factor as well. Maybe a rabbit jumped out in front of the car or he was changing his radio station and wasn't paying attention to the road? Just a case of really bad luck I suppose, only Genesis knows for sure." 

Update 3-8-08 - -  E-mail from CS:

"I knew Genesis.  It might help to know that he was not the driver, but a passenger.  His friend, the driver, fell asleep, back from a long trip from northern California.  Apparently, he slid under the seatbelt (the passenger-side seat was leaning very low) and passed away in the helicopter on the way to the hospital.


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