Death Alley Nevada

Man or Beast?

                        Hwy 395 at Pen Rod Lane, 2 miles north of Lake Topaz and the California border (West Side of Road)
Location:                  Lake Topaz, Nevada

Victim #1:                 
Date of Accident:   

Inscription:              “Java

Age:                                 3 3/4

Description:            Here we find a large white cross with engraved black lettering.  Fake flowers and a rock lie at its base, and fake red carnations are taped to the cross itself.

Analysis:                 Okay, this one is a little freaky.  The victim has a bizarre first name and no last name.  Plus, he was only 4 years old when he croaked.  Excluding the possibility of a toddler carjacker getting run off the road by the cops, this leads us to only two possible conclusions.  First, Java was a preschooler who died as a passenger in a car crash.  Possible, but unlikely.  Usually when a baby dies in a car accident, the white cross is surrounded by toys, cards, and lots of infant stuff.  Since those relics did not adorn Java’s cross, I am forced to go with the more likely explanation:  Java was someone’s pet.  There is a motor home park directly up the road from the accident site.  I’m sure it is packed full of cheetoh-eating, beer-guzzling, Springer-watching desert rats.  I imagine one of their dogs got run down by a big rig on that fateful day.  Heartbroken from her loss, the dog's 350 lb. owner probably got her common-law husband to put up a cross in the dog’s honor.  BTW, this is the first fatality on what I like to call “Death Alley Nevada”.  Stay tuned … you’ll find out why.

More Images:    Photo One - Photo Three - Death Alley Nevada, Part 2

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