Dead Man's Curve, California

Disneyland O' Death

                        Hwy 58 East, 2 miles east of Kramer Junction
Location:                 Kramer Junction, California

       Kanser Bayb  (Cancer Baby)
Date of Accident:   

Inscription:              None

Age:                                 ?

Description:            This is a fascinating road monument!  Very untraditional!!  It has no cross or marker.  Instead, there are tons of shit cemented into the desert like a bizzaro Rose Parade Float.  Among the items randomly placed in the memorial are:  destroyed car parts, the Virgin Mary, several Cherubim, a necklace that spells out “Kanser Bayb”, a statue of a dog, a ceramic cat, a glass orb, tiny figurines, vases, a yoyo, a teddy bear, a pot, and lots of fake flowers.

Analysis:                 Dead Man's Curve, California:  The second remaining victim of this deadly turn.  Wow, this is truly amazing.  It’s the Disneyland of road monuments.  Lots of random shit that probably meant something to the victim.  You could really spend a lot of time looking at the stuff planted here.  It's very zen.  I suspect that this victim was from the other car involved in the Mark Parker accident.  Kudos to the family for their creativity...

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