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Road:                        NW Corner of Baltimore Ave. and Ikea Center Blvd.  
Location:                  College Park, Maryland

Victim :                   
Date of Accident:   

Age:                                26 (2/24/78 - 8/29/2004)

Inscription:              "We love you, Jerome!  Gone but not forgotten.  We miss you.  2/24/78 - 8/29/2004" in kidnap-style cutout writing on paper around photo of the victim.

Description:            This roadside memorial consists of a small green wooden cross surrounded by tons of fake flowers and stuffed animals.  A poster board with the victim's photo and a message from friends hangs on the cross.  The biggest stuffed animal:  Tweety bird.  All this is surrounded by a small white picket fence.

Analysis:                 I found this monument during a recent trip to Maryland.  It was literally outside my hotel!!  How's that for coincidence?!  Anyway, poor old Jerome ...  He was probably a college student at the nearby University of Maryland.  Did he crash his car after a night of heavy drinking at a college party?  Or was he simply driving home from school when some Ikea-shopping jackass ran the light and t-boned him?  We may never know ...

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