Insult to Injury

Road:                        Hwy 395 Northbound, 1 1/2 miles north of Tom's Place exit  
Location:                 Tom's Place, CA

Victim :                     
 Mark Rober
t Schaefer
Date of Accident:   

Age:                                  22

Inscription:              None (Info from cards)

Description:            This is the sturdiest White Cross I have ever seen.  In fact, in twenty years time, I wouldn't be surprised if this cross was still there.  Considering it is deep in snow country, that will be no small achievement.  This huge, gray, metal cross is cemented into place in front of the rock face of a small mountain.  It lies about 25' from Hwy 395 (around a rather gentle bend).  A garden of colorful artificial flowers lie in front of the cross.  Mardi Gras beads drape across the center of the cross.  Hidden amongst the flowers are cards for the victim, a teddy bear, and a makeshift vase full of dead roses.  Directly behind the cross, you can see the burned rock where the car impacted.


The Card:            This greeting card lies in front of the cross.  It looks like it has been there for several months.  Here is the handwritten message inside:


“It is the day before your 23rd birthday and a difficult time for me.   I miss you so much and wish we could celebrate, but I guess that’s impossible.  On your 23rd birthday your girlfriend “Kerri” will be getting married.   I know that both you and I would want her and little Noah to get on with their lives, but it is hard to let go as I had hoped that two would have gotten married.  It is her day to celebrate, but I can’t be there as I’m afraid it would be too hard for me.  All my dreams for you have been lost.  The law suit against your mother and I is still going on.  Keith is still trying to get money from a lot of good people.  It is so hard to believe since it is 100% his fault for that accident which took my dear son from us.  I think of you all the time and remember your laughter and these nicknames you gave all of us.  You would be proud of your sister as she works out at the gym every day and looks great.  Mom is doing pretty well though I know her heart is broken as is mine. 

I’m getting out more this summer this summer and doing quite a bit of fishing.  Next Friday, I pick up my brother Carey, and on Tuesday the following week, Gary the bus driver, Uncle Jimmy, Carey, and I will go on a ???? trip into the ???? Wilderness.  Mom will be all alone as Jenny has to go back to San Francisco for some tests towards her Ace Certification.  Mom will be working at the house and is looking forward to some down time. 

This law suit has cost us thousands of dollars and it looks like it will be going to court.  That is ok by us as we will show everyone what a murderer Keith is.  Why did you have to be with him that night?  Look what it has cost all of us.

We are all doing the best we can but miss you so very much.

Jon 'Old One' "

 The Card's Text:  “Just a little note of thanks right from the heart!”  Added:  “Thanks for all the great memories!!”

Analysis:                 Fuck.  What more can I say?   This is one of the most fucked up White Crosses I have ever seen.  Usually, there is a dearth of info about an accident.  In this case, there is almost too much information.  The comment about the victim's girlfriend getting married is absolutely heartbreaking.  Just goes to show that life goes on...


As for the accident, it is pretty obvious what happened.  The letter says it all:  A young guy goes for a ride with his sleeze-bag friend Keith.  His buddy has one too many drinks in Bishop, but insists he can drive back home to Mammoth Lakes.  While cruising back, Keith hits some black ice, overcompensates, and runs the car off the road.  Unfortunately, the rock face of a mountain is there to welcome them.  The car slams into the mountain and bursts into flames, killing the passenger.  The drunken driver, of course, walks away without a scratch.  And to add insult to injury, surviving scumbag Keith sues Mark's family.  Anything to make a buck.  Well, good luck with the lawsuit, Jon.  We're all rooting for you.  And Keith ... burn in hell, ya murdering bastard!



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