Those Who Don’t Learn from History …

                        Indian Ave., ½ mile north of 10 Fwy. (east side)
Location:                  North Palm Springs, CA
Bobbi Ann Myers
Age:                              35
Date of Accident:   
April 2, 2002
“Bobbi Ann Myers      4-21-66 –  4/2/02”

Description:            Too bad Bobbi Ann Meyers didn’t pay attention to the White Cross of Nancy Perez.  About a year earlier, Nancy met her fate on the exact same spot as Bobbie Ann.  This cross is literally across the street from Nancy’s road memorial.  I’d guess that many a weary (or drunken) driver has met their maker here.  This is a simple white cross with butterfly stickers all over it.  The name and death date is written across the arm.  A faded teddy bear hangs off one of the cross arms.  Faded flowers and a candle made out of a Gatorade bottle lie at the base of the cross.  A border of rocks surrounds the cross to form a pseudo-grave.  The really disturbing thing about this memorial is that pieces of the doomed vehicle are placed in front of the cross.  A windshield wiper and a battered gas tank door give testament to the destruction of Bobbi Ann Myers.

I suspect that Bobbi Ann was an innocent driver on her way home from work in downtown Palm Springs when some drunken, unemployed desert rat plowed into her from an adjoining intersection.  Bobbi probably never knew what hit her.  That is, until she stood at the side of the road looking down at her mangled body…

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