Number One Dad

                        Hwy 395 Northbound, East side of road, 1 miles south of Olancha
Location:                  Olancha, California

Date of Accident:   

Inscription:              None

Age:                                ?

Description:            The creativity of mourning families never ceases to amaze me.  Here we find a very elaborate memorial to someone's father.  The large white cross is lovingly decorated with patriotic crap including ribbons, a flag, and a red-white&blue teddy bear.  A samller white cross (probably the original marker of the accident site) sits in front of the monument.  Fake flowers, stuffed toys, a wreath, a medallion saying "#1 Dad', and most strangely, two quarters adorn the roadside tribute.  All this is surrounded by a beautiful white picket fence.  The coup de gras though is the solar powered light that sits in front of the memorial, making this the FIRST white cross I've found that can be seen at night

Analysis:                 The creativity of mourning families never ceases to amaze me.   The solar powered lamp is a true stroke of genius!  Unlike all other white crosses I've seen, this monument shines proudly for motorists to admire through the night.  The roadside tribute itself is strangely anonymous.  There are no names of dates on the cross, and the only telling feature is the depressing "#1 Dad" medallion.  As for the accident itself, this road is notoriously boring so I imagine "#1 Dad" fell asleep at the wheel and ran his car off the road.  Either that, or a local drunk from Olancha took him out.  Whatever the case, kudos to the family for their awesome memorial.

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