Tree of Death 1

                        58 Fwy East, ˝ mile east of Kramer Junction
Location:                  Kramer Junction, California

Date of Accident:   

Inscription:              Ribbon simply says “Love

Age:                                 ?

Description:            This monument consists of a small wire rod with flowers attached.  The fake white flowers are wrapped in a ribbon, which says “Love”.  There is no information about the victim or date or accident.  This is a tantalizing road memorial mystery...

Analysis:                 Talk about your lazy road monuments!  This person’s survivors couldn’t even be bothered to put up a cross.    I suspect the driver was either too drunk or too sleepy when he drove off the road and into the huge, sturdy Joshua Tree.  In a battle between a speeding car and a 100-year-old Joshua Tree, you know who is going to win.  And when it was over the car probably looked like a can of tuna fish.  And I’m sure the victim looked like the tuna in the can (perhaps, in tomato sauce).  This is the first in a series of Trees of Death.  Beware:  Many a weary traveler has met their end thanks to a lowly tree!

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