Happy Birthday, Trish

                        Corner of 40th St. West and J St.
Location:                  Lancaster, CA
Trisha Lee _____
Date of Accident:   
Age:                                  ?

Description:            Small brown wooden cross surrounded by faded fake flowers.  Simply says “Trish”.  No details on date of accident or last name.  White porcelain bird and birthday card at base of cross.  The card’s message is  heart-wrenching in its simplicity: “Happy Birthday, Trish.  Love, Mom”.

Perhaps Trisha had one too many at a friend’s birthday party or perhaps she just happened to be on the road at the same time as a drunk driver.  Either way, someone ran the stop sign and plowed into Trisha, sending her off this mortal coil and into oblivion.  I suspect she was quite young, as her mom maintains a constant vigil of the accident site:  See the recent update of the accident site.

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