Size Isn't Everything

                        State Hwy. 128, 1/2 miles west of Winters
Location:                  Winters, CA
Tyler Lee Wilce
Date of Accident:   
None (too small)
Age:                                  ?

Description:            This is the tiniest road cross Iíve ever seen!!!  The cross consists of two small pieces of wood hammered together.  Faded flowers are attached to cross, and a burnt out candle lies at its base.  Tylerís ingenious (but lazy) friends co-opted a street sign as part of his memorial.  A fake flower wreath is attached to the pole, along with a rather dreadful poem written by a friend (See below).  The most intriguing part of this memorial is a note hidden under a rock at the base of the cross.     Who is it  from?  What does it say?  Weíll never know.  I may be tactless and irreverent, but I just couldnít bring myself to violate the privacy of that note. 

Poem for Victim
:      "Hearts Bleed for You My Friend" 

                                                              by Chris Taylor


                                            The Many times I saw you smile Back

                                            The many times I've heard you laugh

                                            The many times we've had fun together

                                            I will never see you smile again

                                            It has disappeared like a gust of wind

                                            A gust of wind that makes ...

                                            Tears stream for you my friend

                                            A gust of wind that makes ...

                                            Hearts bleed for you my friend

                                            May heaven treat you well my friend

                                            May heaven tell you hearts bleed for you

                                            My heart bleeds for you my friend

                                            My heart bleeds for you my friend

                                            May you rest in peace and forever know

                                            Hearts bleed for you

Analysis:                 A small dirt orchard road intersects CA Hwy 128 at the place where Tyler met his maker.  I suspect some farm worker pulled out from this road after a long day of picking apples, and forgot to look both ways.  Tyler was probably riding a motorcycle (he was named Tyler after all, for godís sake), and slammed into the battered white pickup, killing him instantly.

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