Beer and Telephone Poles Don't Mix

Road:                        NW Corner of Road 208 and Ave. 56  
Location:                 5 miles west of Ducor, CA

Victim :                     
Date of Accident:   

Age:                                  ?

Inscription:              None

Description:            This medium-sized black metal cross stands vigil in front of a telephone pole.  Brilliant fake red roses are draped across it.    Two Catholic candles lie at the base.  Numerous booze bottles (some full, some empty) lie in tribute to a fallen friend.  Looks like his buds had quite a party at the accident site too.  The empty Heineken bottle on the utility cabinet is a nice touch.  Pure class!  In a bit of irony, this monument is surrounded by grape vineyards.


The Booze:            Heineken,  Modelo, Alize Liqueur, Clamato (mixer).

Analysis:                 Well, well ...  what do you get with this recipe?  A 12 pack of beer, a few shots of tequila, a  speeding car, and a telephone pole.  Answer:  a one way ticket to oblivion.  Our latest victim apparently pretzeled his car into this telephone pole after a night of partying.  Much like the ancient Egyptians, his friends left full bottles of alcohol for him to drink in the afterlife.  Very touching.

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